Long time no post

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Apparently I have been quite busy and have not posted any updates in awhile. 
I have been trying to keep busy. Shooting as often as possible and posting art for sale on Etsy very often! I do have a Black Friday Sale by the way :) Check out the shop! 
Here are a few new images that were shot this summer and just today!



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I have created something new! I have started an Etsy shop! So now you can find my artwork for purchase directly from an online storefront. It is a work in progress. I do not have all of my work online as of yet, that will take time. However I have quite a bit up there right now. I will be offering custom printings and sizes of select images. Make sure you check it out! 


Two Sets of Footprints

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Darkness complete
Silence surrounds
Snow falls gently to the ground
Not a sound is made as each flake falls
Each individual as unique as their creator
They glisten and sparkle as moonlight captures the shapes
Falling silent
White and pure they cover the ground
Not a soul notices the tiny footsteps that start to appear
A single trail coming out of the woods
The moonlight captures eyes looking about
Eyes that glisten as the snowflakes fall
Eyelashes capture flakes of snow on the upturned face
Silent and still the child starts to spin
Her arms raised high in silent exhilaration
She spins in the snow as it continues to fall
A tiny circle in the ground created by her tiny feet
She stops and looks up as the moon falls behind the clouds
Her light momentarily out
She cannot see her path it is covered in snow
The moon reappears and lights up her face
She smiles at the light and raises her bare hands
Her fingers split the rays of light
She turns as she hears a voice in the dark
The voice sounds worried and afraid
She calls back to her momma
“I am here Momma”
Her mother appears a smile of relief on her face
She captures her child in a huge warm embrace
“Why are you out here alone in the snow?”
“I am not alone Momma”
Her Momma looks around and sees no one
“I am not alone Momma”
The child repeats
“My Daddy is here in each tiny flake”
Tears start to fall down her Momma’s face
Understanding appears in her Momma’s eyes
“There is a party tonight! The Angels are singing Happy Birthday tonight”
The child laughs and sings
“Dance with me Momma”
She holds her child tight in her arms
They spin and they spin as the snow continues to fall
They dance for their Daddy
Their Daddy above
They spin and they dance until they can dance no more
Then they walk hand in hand through the woods
Two sets of footprints in the snow