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I am Beautiful.
I was uniquely and wonderfully created by my Father. 
He does not make mistakes.
I am created in the image of my Father.
And my Father is Beautiful!
I may look at myself in the mirror every morning and question this.
After all I am only human. 
I look in the mirror and see someone less than beautiful.
I see blemishes and messy hair
He sees a beautiful mess
I see wrinkles and lines
He sees growth and knowledge
I see imperfections and flaws
He sees His perfect creation
I sin
He sees that sin and reminds me that He has forgiven me
I am beautiful!


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Peace be With You

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Food for though.
 This was running through my head this morning. 

"Peace be with you" We here that said at every Catholic church service. We occurs to me is that, yes, we want Peace! Of course we do. 
However Peace cannot be had with strife. And strife and conflict comes from judgement. 
Judgement of others. 
So while God says "Judgement is Mine" we still take it upon ourselves to judge others. In small and in large ways, our world is filled with judgement. Peace cannot be had when we are judging others! 
So my goal today and every day is to NOT place my personal judgement on others. It is not my place. It is not your place. It is for God to judge. 
So I say to you "Peace Be With You!"